Consolidated Income Statement

 2013 2012  
 Totalof which related partiesTotalof which related parties
NotesIn thousands of euros
4Net revenues1,212,5353431,406,152591
5Cost for materials714,45323,143835,35232,802
6Cost for services and leases and rentals205,8933,920249,9343,910
7Employee costs211,656223,419
8Depreciation and impairment costs of property, plant and equipment38,83437,001
8Amortisation and impairment costs of intangible assets45,31142,620
9Other operating income91,338601101,298475
10Other operating costs25,0991522,5405
 Operating income62,627 96,584 
11Income/(loss) from investments2,2643,530
12Financial income2,6212,016
12Borrowing Costs36,87030833,609503
12Net exchange gains/(losses)(376)(660)
 Profit before tax30,266 67,861 
13Taxes for the period36,7946,17725,787
46 of which non-recurrent costs24,594
 Profit from continuing operations(6,528) 42,074 
 Assets held for disposal:
14Profits or losses arising from assets held for disposal
 Net Profit (loss) for the period(6,528) 42,074 
 Attributable to:
 Shareholders of the Parent Company(6,547)42,008
 Non-controlling interests1966
15Earnings per share (figures in €) (0.018)0.116
15Diluted earnings per share (figures in €) (0.018)0.116