Events occurring after the end of the period

24 February 2014  The company Foshan Piaggio Vehicles Technology R&D Co. LTD obtained all necessary authorisations from the local authorities to start the sale of two-wheeler products in China.


14 March 2014  Following the completion of the tax assessment which began in 2012 – discussed in more detail in the section “Disputes” - and solely to prevent tax litigation with reference to assessment aspects, that concern contrasting positions with outcomes that are hard to predict, Piaggio & C. S.p.A. considered it appropriate to agree to the settlement proposal made by the Italian Tax Authority that will involve a financial outflow, only as concerns regional production tax, of €5.1 million, while the overall impact on the income statement is equal to €24.6 million, including the use for the purposes of corporate income tax of previous losses to offset the total sum of the proposals.

19 March 2014  Approval of the 2014-2017 Industrial Plan.