4. Net revenues €/000 1,212,535

Revenues are shown net of premiums recognised to customers (dealers).
This item does not include transport costs, which are recharged to customers (€/000 22,670) and invoiced advertising cost recoveries (€/000 4,554), which are posted under other operating income.
The revenues for disposals of Group core business assets essentially refer to the marketing of vehicles and spare parts on European and non-European markets.

Revenues by geographic segment
The breakdown of revenues by geographic segment is shown in the following table:

In thousands of Euros 
EMEA and Americas699,06257.65837,25559.54(138,193)-16.51
Asia Pacific 2W193,38115.95211,10215.01(17,721)-8.39

In 2013, net sales revenues decreased generally compared to figures for the previous year (-13.8%). This downturn, which concerned all geographic segments, was exacerbated by the devaluation of Asian currencies, which had an impact of approximately € 53 million on the decrease in turnover.