6. Costs for services, leases and rentals €/000 205,893

Below is a breakdown of this item:

In thousands of Euros
Employee costs14,77619,998(5,222)
External maintenance and cleaning costs7,5858,101(516)
Energy, telephone and telex costs19,10621,568(2,462)
Postal expenses1,029528501
Commissions payable2,3435881,755
Advertising and promotion23,84927,709(3,860)
Technical, legal and tax consultancy and services25,72730,294(4,567)
Company boards operating costs2,1972,17126
Outsourced manufacturing13,17115,446(2,275)
Transport costs (vehicles and spare parts)32,64240,050(7,408)
Sundry commercial expenses7,74816,052(8,304)
Expenses for public relations2,7652,381384
Product warranty costs10,48512,145(1,660)
Quality-related events1,6606,143(4,483)
Bank costs and factoring charges4,9025,662(760)
Lease and rental costs14,88718,179(3,292)
Insurance from Group companies51510
Services from Group companies2,1342,10727
Lease and rental costs of Group companies1,7351,752(17)
Total costs for services205,893249,934(44,041)

The decrease was basically due to the reduction in the volume of activities.
The saving of €/000 3,292 in costs for leases and rentals is due to the concentration of spare parts at the new warehouse, which made it possible to close other logistics warehouses rented in Italy and France. Costs for leases and rentals include lease rentals for business properties of €/000 7,893, as well as lease payments for car hire, computers and photocopiers.
The item “Other” includes costs for temporary work of €/000 707.