9. Other operating income €/000 91,338

This item consists of:

In thousands of Euros
Operating grants4,7512,3162,435
Increases in fixed assets from internal work32,22539,084(6,859)
Other revenue and income:
- Rent receipts531348183
- Capital gains on assets and investments548425123
- Sale of miscellaneous materials1,032891141
- Recovery of transport costs22,67024,958(2,288)
- Recovery of advertising costs4,5545,091(537)
- Recovery of sundry costs5,5995,5909
- Compensation2,0801,0141,066
- Compensation for quality-related events1,5812,833(1,252)
- Licence rights and know-how2,1042,295(191)
- Sponsorship 3,0823,793(711)
- Other income10,58112,660(2,079)
Total other operating income91,338101,298(9,960)

The decrease in other operating income is mainly due to a reduction in assets.
This item includes €/000 3,584 for state and EU contributions for research projects. The grants are recognised in profit or loss, with reference to the amortisation and depreciation of capitalised costs for which the grants were received. This item also includes contributions for exports (€/000 1,167) received from the Indian subsidiary.