Operating outlook

As outlined in the new 2014-2017 Industrial Plan, approved on 19 March 2014, and as regards business and industrial operations:

  • the Group's leadership position on the European two-wheeler market has been confirmed, levering the expected recovery by further consolidating the product range and targeting growth in sales and margins in the motorcycle segment, with the Moto Guzzi and Aprilia ranges; current positions on the European commercial vehicles market will be maintained;
  • the growth strategy in the Asia Pacific area will continue, exploring new opportunities in medium and large sized motorcycle segments, and replicating the premium strategy for Vietnam, throughout the region. During 2014, direct sales activities of the Group will start up in China, with the aim of penetrating the premium two-wheeler market;
  • sales on the Indian scooter market will be consolidated, and will focus on an increase in Vespa products and the introduction of new models in the premium scooter and motorcycle segments;
  • an increase in sales of commercial vehicles in India will be targeted, also through the consolidation of new segments of the Indian three-wheeler market with the Apè City Pax and the introduction of new models in the four-wheeler segment - and further development in exports to African and Latin American markets will be targeted in emerging countries.

In technological terms, the Piaggio Group is continuing to develop technologies and platforms that underline the functional aspects and emotional appeal of vehicles with ongoing developments to engines, extended use of vehicle/user digital platforms and the trialling of new product and service configurations.

More in general, the Group is committed - as in the past and for operations in 2014 - to increasing productivity with a strong focus on efficient costs and investments, while complying with its business ethics.