In 2013, the Group reduced employee numbers, due mainly to restructuring, streamlining and organisational cutbacks in the EMEA area. As of 31 December 2013, group employees totalled 7,688, down by 441 units (-5.4%) compared to 31 December 2012, of which half in the EMEA area.

Company employees by geographic segment as of 31 December

Employee/staff numbers201320122011
EMEA and Americas4,0984,3184,356
of which Italy3,8053,8733,871
India 2,6772,8142,331
Asia Pacific 2W913997932

Average number of Company employees by professional category

Employee/staff numbers201320122011
Senior management9695100
Middle Management573574504
White collars2,1612,2022,100
Blue collars5,3435,4775,033

Company employees by gender and geographic segment as of 31 December

Employee/staff numbersMenWomenMenWomen
EMEA and Americas2,8991,1993,0681,250
of which Italy2,6791,1262,7311,142
India 2,610672,78727
Asia Pacific 2W752161835162

Number of women employees as of 31 December

Women employees    

Company employees by professional category and age bracket as of 31 December


Employee/staff numbersup to 3031-4041-50> 50Total
2013Senior Management08355295
Middle Management3178265126572
White collars4008925403002,132
Blue collars2,0198521,1438754,889
2012Senior Management07395096
Middle Management1201254117573
White collars4789255362752,214
Blue collars2,1231,2131,0598515,246

Company employees up to 30 years of age by geographic segment as of 31 December 2013

Company employees 

Company employees by educational qualifications as of 31 December 2013

Employee/staff numbersGraduateHigh SchoolMiddle SchoolPrimary SchoolTotal
EMEA and Americas6841,7461,5391294,098
of which Italy5361,6421,5061213,805
India 6612,009702,677
Asia Pacific 2W31959301913


Company employees by contract type, gender and geographic segment as of 31 December 2013

Fixed-term contractOpen-ended contract
Employee/staff numbersMenWomenTotalMenWomenTotal
EMEA and Americas0222,8991,1974,096
of which Italy0002,6791,1263,805
India 1,166341,2001,444331,477
Asia Pacific 2W22544269527117644

Company employees by contract type, gender and geographic segment as of 31 December 2013


Full timePart time
Employee/staff numbersMenWomenTotalMenWomenTotal
EMEA and Americas2,7928753,667107324431
of which Italy2,5728083,380107318425
India 2,610672,677000
Asia Pacific 2W745168913000

Organisational Development: actions in 2013

During 2013, the Piaggio Group continued its process to internationalise production and sales activities and consolidate its leadership position on the European market.

In particular, the main organisational changes in 2013 were as follows:

  • the new Director of the Product Development and Strategies Department was appointed, and the area's organisation was subsequently changed, with the establishment of the Technical Engine Centre for the development of engines for the Group's two-, three- and four-wheeler vehicles, in order to harness synergies to a greater extent and promote specialist know how for a global development;
  • the Style Centre organisational unit was reorganised, in order to monitor the Group's style area, through a single central function for the design development of all vehicles, accessories and clothing. The company Piaggio Advanced Design Center Corporation of Pasadena, operates as part of the Style Centre, and is involved, with the most advanced international universities and research centres, in studying style trends and cutting-edge technological solutions to propose innovative ideas for all the Group's product lines;
  • the Credit Management and Back Office unit, which is part of Finance General Management, was reorganised, in order to establish a central structure for the management of administrative activities concerning sales and dealer credit for Italy, domestic Europe and importers, and promote a greater operating efficiency and improved standard of service. As a result, the above administrative activities were transferred to the new Credit Management and Back Office unit, and Piaggio Vespa B.V. – Swiss Branch was closed down.
    The Vendor Assessment organisational unit was joined with the Credit Management and Back Office function, and maintains responsibility for managing the Group supplier list and master record, including supplier qualification and rating, as well as the supplier portal and related help desk for external contacts;
  • the organisation of the Public Relations and Institutional Affairs Department was revised in order to guarantee a global presence in relations with information bodies at a Group level, ensuring particular focus on relations with information bodies as concerns Group products and racing activity; 
  • production activities at the Nacional Motor site in Martorelles were stopped and transferred to the Scorzè site; 
  • the company PT Piaggio Indonesia was reorganised, changing company management with a view to development of the Indonesian market;
  • Resourcing and Training and Organisation, Development and Compensation & Benefit activities were reassigned within the Human Resources and Organisation Department;
  • the new Marketing and Communications Department was established with responsibility for managing and coordinating at a global level sales communication, monitoring brand image and awareness of the Group's brands, defining digital marketing strategies and monitoring customer experience data concerning customer/Piaggio Group interaction.
  • on 17 March 2014, in order to ensure a greater focus on the design and development of two-, three- and four-wheeler products, two new Departments were established, both reporting to the Chief Executive Officer of Piaggio & C. S.p.A., - Two-Wheeler Product Development and Three- and Four-Wheeler Product Development.