Statement of reconciliation between shareholders' equity and net profit for the period of the Parent Company and consolidated companies

Net profit as of 31.12.2013Shareholders' equity as of 31.12.2013Net profit as of 31.12.2012Shareholders' equity as of 31.12.2012
In thousands of Euros
Piaggio & C. S.p.A.(1,649) 316,906 46,190 349,703
Net profit and shareholders' equity of subsidiaries53,465172,97877,066182,758
Elimination of the carrying amount of investments(83,780)(73,148)
Elimination of dividends from subsidiaries(64,089)(91,890)
Sale/disposal of intangible assets/property, plant and equipment to subsidiaries823(18,791)2,924(19,614)
Elimination of the effects of other intergroup transactions and other records4,9224,8017,784174
Piaggio Group(6,528) 392,115 42,074 439,873